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Swan Warriors Weekly Sunday Challenge

Time and events:
1:30PM - U2150
3:00PM - U1950
4:30PM - U2400
6:00PM - U1650

Important notices regarding Sunday Challenge

  1. If all players in a group end up with the same number of wins and losses after round robin, ranking will be decided based on number of game wins. If number of game wins are tied, we will proceed by playing the 5-point game between the players. Whoever gets 5 points first wins. If the players continue to tie, they will move on to play the 3-point game. Whoever gets 3 points first wins. Both the 5-point and 3-point game won’t affect league rating.

  2. More than 10 minutes late to a game will automatically result in default.


Registration deadline: Saturday 12PM

 Kindly inform us or withdraw from the list if you have signed up but cannot make it.

Payment methods:
1. Cash (Can be made on the day of the event)
2. Paypal - swanwarriorsevents@gmail.com
(Please include payment note with: player's name + date(s) of league entered)
3. Check

*Players may also sign up directly on this VCAC website 

More details: